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Melba Stutsel

BPS has been my passion since 1986 in the role as SAM  -  yes I have seen a lot of changes in Education and a large percentage for the best.  In my role I believe I have amazing personnel and organising skills with great respect for my peers and co- workers sharing my skills with them.  Each day I strive to achieve the ultimate for the school.  Our school has come a long way since the 80's with many changes in staff that over the years have given 100 % of their talents and dedication to our students.   In my personal life I enjoy my own space and love the outdoors, reading, cooking and being with my families. 

Anne-Maree Riches

I have worked at BPS for approximately nine years. I love all the challenges & new experiences that have come with my position. In my time here I have worked in several different roles & enjoy learning & experiencing new things every day. I feel that I have developed great people skills & have a great rapport with my peers & co-workers.

The most rewarding & enjoyable thing about working at BPS is getting to see all the children grow & develop their own individual personalities & to see how far they have come in all academic aspects of their Education.

In my personal life I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, spending time with my family & friends but most of all I love spending time with my daughter.

Penelope Bartley

I have been working at Bourke Public School for over twenty four years as the school learning support officer for the special needs students. Also as part of my role I do all the photocopying and administration jobs within the school, which I enjoy very much. In my spare time I like to read, sew and cook food for my family.

Fiona Rankmore

I am the School Administration Officer at Bourke Public School. I have worked for the Department of Education and Communities for the past 27 years (with many more to come).  My position is very diverse with many new challenges happening every day of school life. As part of my role I am also the School's First Aid and Medication Officer.

Having worked at Bourke Public School for many years I have been involved in a lot of changes but the best  part of my job is working with such dedicated staff, students and parents.  It is wonderful to work in a Safe, Respectful and Proud School.

Ben Orcher

My role as Senior Leader of Community Engagement is to assist the Executive Principal in the implementation of the Connected Communities Strategy at our School and to be a vital link between the School and the local Aboriginal Community. I also provide strategic advice to the Executive Principal on key issues related to Aboriginal Students, their families and the Community regarding Education and Training for Aboriginal Students. Bourke & Enngonia is my hometown and I am enjoying working in the community and working with the families our children. I believe it is a privilege to be working on ways to improve our children's futures.

Priscilla Grimes

Hello my name is Priscilla Grimes and I am an Aboriginal Education Officer (A.E.O.) permanently employed at Bourke Public School. This is my 5th year.

My position is school based and my role is in collaboration with the principal and teachers to help develop, promote and maintain communication networks between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their parents or guardians, the local community and Bourke Public School. As an A.E.O., I also provide knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, language and culture within the school

At Bourke Public School, I have the privilege and the opportunity to teach the NGEMBA language to all the classes. This is going very well and the students have picked up the language in no time at all.

As I feel that attendance is important to all students' educational wellbeing, a part of my role is focused on students' attendance. If students are absent I go and do a home visit and if the reason(s) can be resolved I bring the student back to school. Over the years, I have developed a great working rapport with Bourke Public School students, parents and community.

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